EquiPedic Saddle Pads For Horses

Patent Pending Saddle Pad Technology
bulletIncreased Oxygen Levels!
bulletLower Body Temperature!
bulletMore Energy and Endurance!
bulletFaster Muscle Recovery!
bulletEliminate Saddle Fit Problems!
bulletProtect Against Pressure Points!
bulletReduces Pain!
bulletMachine Washable!

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Jan. 30-Feb. 1, 2015



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Columbus, OH


Apr. 9-12, 2015


Ohio Expo Center

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Apr. 17-19, 2015


Alliant Energy Center

English Saddle Pads!

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The Ultimate In Equine Comfort...TM
Is Now Even Better!

Can a saddle pad improve your horse's performance? Can it increase the oxygenated blood flow levels across the horse's back? Can it help build strength and accelerate muscle recovery? Will it provide your horse with more energy without supplements? Can a saddle pad lower the body surface temperature of a horse? Can it eliminate saddle fit problems and pressure points? The answer to all of these questions is a resounding YES, if it is an EquiPedic Saddle Pad!

There is no other saddle pad like it! EquiPedic, Inc. has utilized the latest in space age technology and proven existing technology to bring you the ultimate in equine comfort!TM  A saddle pad that actually lowers the body surface temperature of your horse, increases the transcutaneous oxygen levels of your horse's back, increases energy levels, and speeds muscle recovery. All while protecting it's back!

All in an orthopedic, anti-slip, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, machine washable saddle pad! Combining phase change material, Celliant (formerly known as Holofiber), and the most advanced impact reduction material, Confor material, with natural wool and non coated breathable 1000 denier Cordura eliminates saddle fit problems, increases oxygen, energy, muscle recovery and keeps your horse cooler when it's hot and warmer when it's cold!

Your Horse Will Love You For It!

Your Competition Will Hate You For It!

Would You Do This With Your Saddle Pad?

Equipedic Western English Endurance Saddle Pad Videos

The Latest Equestrian and Horse News...  

Tevis 2013

Congratulations to Morgan and Jonathan Bowman...

Tevis 2013 Chicken Hawk Vet Check 4

The Western States Trail Ride, popularly called the Tevis Cup ride, is the oldest modern day endurance ride, having been held annually since 1955. Each rider who completes the 100 mile course from Tahoe to Auburn within the 24 hour limit and whose horse is judged to be fit to continue is awarded the silver Completion Award Buckle.

This year, Morgan, age 13, completed her first Tevis ride as a junior and received her buckle from Barbara White (32 buckles). Jonathan completed as well. He has multiple completions at Tevis as does his wife Melody Wong. Currently this family is in first place in the standings for the AERC Bill Thornburgh Family Award.

Jonathan was also a member of the US Pan American Team in 2003. He and his family have riding on EquiPedic saddle pads since that time.

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Is Your Cinch or Girth Too Long?

Can the length of your cinch or girth affect your horse's performance, your saddle's fit and your enjoyment of your ride? Absolutely!

Find Out Why And How To Correctly Measure A Cinch Or Girth

EquiPedic Saddle Pads
Three Unique Components In Every Pad

Oxygenated Energy Recovery System

Increased Oxygenated Blood Flow!

Helps Build Strength and Endurance!

Accelerates Muscle Recovery!

Reduces Pain!

Reduces Temporary Muscle Anemia (Ischemia)!

No White Spots!

Proven In Double Blind Study!

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Temperature Management System

Keeps Your Horse Cooler When It's Hot And Warmer When It's Cold!

Lowers Body Surface Temperature By As Much As 7 Degrees!

Turns Your Saddle Pad Into An Active Cooling System!

Better Than Membrane Wicking Fabrics!

Regulates The Body Surface Temperature Of Your Horse!

Learn More

Impact Reduction Material!

Conforms To Your Horse's Body Contours And The Contours Of Your Saddle As Your Horse Moves!

Protects Your Horse From Pressure Points!

Disperses Impact Load Laterally Rather Than Downward!

Eliminates Saddle Fit Problems!

Developed Specifically For Equestrian Use!

Different Than Other Memory Foams!

Learn More

An Unfair Competitive Advantage
In Every Discipline!

Hunter / Jumper
Barrel Racing

A Necessity For Every Horse!

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